How to take a screenshot on a laptop

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How to Convert JPG to PDF

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How to Download Pinterest Videos

Downloading Pinterest videos can use the help of applications, or online downloader sites. Although Pinterest already provides a save feature, it is only limited to saving it in the album on your account profile, not stored in the cellphone memory. Pinterest is a platform containing popular images and videos from around the world. Pinterest is … Read more

How to Hide Apps

Do you have one or more secret apps that you don’t want anyone to know about? For those of you who are Android users, there are several ways to easily hide applications, with or without having to install other additional applications. Even if you have to use third-party applications, there are many that are free, … Read more

Download Sound TikTok

Download Sound TikTok-The collection of TikTok sounds does sound very catchy and can easily ring in your head. Plus exciting dance challenge videos, making many people finally join in making dance videos that are more popular. So that dance and TikTok video backsound songs are widely played on various social media that we use every … Read more

How to Transfer Indosat Credit

How to Transfer Indosat Credit– With the development of the current communication system, it is easy to provide benefits through operator communication services on various starter packs that can be used throughout Indonesia. Including now there is one card service that has given you convenience and certainly has advantages over other starter packs, namely Indosat. … Read more

How to Extend Telkomsel Card Active Period

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Fastest Indosat APN

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How to Scan Barcode

How to scan barcodes in this sophisticated era has become important. Because almost all areas of life use a barcode scan or QR code. Usually the QR code or barcode is only found on the product packaging on the back. But now barcodes are also used in a number of applications on Smartphones. For this … Read more

How to Overcome a Slow Hp

How to deal with a slow cellphone sometimes a little bit tricky, different from laptop/computer devices. No wonder some users, do root to modify the system on his cellphone. Even after clearing cache or some data, sometimes the cellphone is still slow. Even more extreme, some users also experience slow and hot cellphones. Having a … Read more