How to Extend Telkomsel Card Active Period

Do you know how to extend the active period of your Telkomsel card? Telkomsel is one of the provider which has many customers throughout Indonesia. Public enthusiasm for provider This happens because the products the company offers are very diverse with sharp network quality.

To be able to extend the active period of the card that we have, there are several ways. So you can determine the way that you think is easiest.

How to extend the active period of Telkomsel card?

  1. My Telkomsel

As one of the provider The best, Telkomsel presents a variety of quality products, one of which is the My Telkomsel application. Through this application, customers can perform various activities, one of which is extending the card’s active period.

However, before listening to the steps, make sure you have downloaded the My Telkomsel application first. Already have the application on a smartphone? Let’s follow the following tutorial.

  • First of all, run My Telkomsel and book the ‘Shop’ menu
  • In the ‘Shop’ menu, select the ‘Top up’ menu. This menu will guide you to shop for Telkomsel credit in various amounts.
  • Next, select the credit balance nominal you want to buy and make a payment by selecting the payment method.
  • My Telkomsel has collaborated with many parties including GoPay, DANA, LinkAja, OVO and ShopeePay. You can choose one of these digital wallets to pay off your shopping bill.
  1. Credit Shopping by Shopping Site

Shopping for credit or data quota is one way to extend the active period of a Telkomsel card. Those of you who are more used to using shopping site applications than My Telkomsel can choose this option.

Just choose one of the best shopping site applications to buy credit or data quota online. You can buy products with a certain nominal and pay through various payment methods such as bank transfers or digital wallets.

  1. USSD

Lazy to download applications because of insufficient phone memory? How to extend the active period of the latest Telkomsel card that you can do is to call the *999# service on the phone menu. After successfully connecting with the *999# menu, follow the tutorial below.

  • First of all, you have to choose option number 5 or other first.
  • Second, choose number 6 or other.
  • Third, you can choose number 7 or another.
  • And lastly is number 8 for other services.
  • In the last section, select number 3, which is the Active Period Package.

Telkomsel offers Active Period Packages with different durations and prices. For example, if you choose 7 days, the fee is IDR 5,000, while for a card renewal period of up to 2 months, you must pay IDR 30,000.

You should consider using this Active Period Package if you are not an active customer for shopping for credit or internet data quota. But unfortunately, Telkomsel’s Active Period Package can’t always be accessed by phone. If you have difficulty accessing it, then top up your credit as a way to extend the card’s active period.

How to register a prepaid Telkomsel card

Telkomsel has many interesting products, one of which is Telkomsel Prepaid which the company shows not to Halo card users. Do you know how to register a Telkomsel Prepaid card?

  1. SMS

The first attempt is to send a short message to the registered card registration number, 4444. The steps are as follows:

First of all, make 4444 the recipient of your short message.

  • Fill in the SMS Format Correctly

Second, fill in the card registration form as instructed by the company. The format is REG NIK#NO.KK# To make it easier, consider the example REG 1234567891029889#3201060444594859#

After you type in the SMS format as previously indicated, continue by sending a message. Wait a few moments for 4444 to respond to your message.

visit telkomsel grapari

How to activate a burned Telkomsel card

Have you listened carefully to how to extend the active period of the updated Telkomsel card? If the answer is yes, please continue by listening to your latest information on how to activate a forfeited Telkomsel card.

  1. Perform Card Migration

The first order is Card Migration which is only valid for a maximum of 15 days from the grace period of your card. This mechanism changes the previous Telkomsel card into a Halo card.

Unfortunately, cards whose grace period exceeds 15 days cannot be reactivated by Telkomsel. The card will enter the recycling stage by Telkomsel. Those of you who really still need the same Telkomsel number for certain purposes should immediately migrate the card when you have time.

  1. Go to GraPARI

Every city scattered throughout the homeland with provider Telkomsel is active, generally Telkomsel facilitates with the GraPARI office. This office is a customer service center that you can visit whenever you need it.

Through GraPARI, you can shop for credit or activate a dead Telkomsel card. How to?

  • The first step, you must prepare the documents in advance. Our advice is to bring the original electronic ID card along with the KK (you need the KK number) don’t forget to bring the old SIM card too.
  • After all the documents are ready, just go to the nearest GraPARI office from your house.
  • Tell the security guard your intention and purpose of coming there. The security guard will guide you to take the queue number.
  • You just have to wait until the queue number is called and explain your desire to activate the Telkomsel card off on customer service. If it is possible for them to return your Telkomsel card, they will immediately carry out the activation process. If you can’t, you can buy a new Telkomsel card.
  1. Reporting via Social Media

Don’t have time to visit GraPARI because of busy work? You can solve the problem of scorched cards by reporting via social media. Our advice, choose Telkomsel’s official Twitter as a communication medium.

Telkomsel’s official Twitter is @Telkomsel which has a beer color tick. Step by step reporting via social media, see more below.

  • Go to your social media Twitter/Facebook and find @Telkomsel
  • Please select the ‘Direct Message’ menu. To send a direct message, the message format is the mobile number, time and grace period, then input the location.
  • Leave it for a while until the Telkomsel admin gives a response. The length of the admin’s response time depends on how many customers use the service.
  • You need to pay attention if Telkomsel only reactivates charred Telkomsel cards that meet their requirements.
  1. Telephone Call Center Telkomsel

The last step to activate a forfeited Telkomsel card is to contact the Telkomsel call center via phone at 0807-1181-811 or 188. You can contact them during operating hours so that customer service can respond to calls quickly.

After connecting to the call center, immediately explain what your intent and purpose is to contact them. Explain in as much detail as possible and give a clear reason why you want to activate a dead Telkomsel number. So that the communication connection by phone is not interrupted, make sure your credit is in full condition or at least IDR 300 is available.

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Are you a loyal Telkomsel user? So, are you a customer who likes to buy credit and data quota or not?

Talking about the SIM card can not be separated from the active period that must be extended continuously. Do various ways to extend the active period of your Telkomsel card so that your number is always active and safe boothd by to communicate.

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