How to Hide Apps

Do you have one or more secret apps that you don’t want anyone to know about? For those of you who are Android users, there are several ways to easily hide applications, with or without having to install other additional applications.

Even if you have to use third-party applications, there are many that are free, so you don’t have to spend money. In addition to hiding applications from other people, this method can also really make the screen look cleaner and neater.

So if for example you are the type of person who likes to experiment with new applications, and even after you rarely use them you still don’t uninstall them, then you can hide these applications so that your screen display is not too crowded. How do you do it? Check the list below.

How to Hide Apps on Various Android Brands

Another advantage of hiding important and private applications is to prevent other people who like to be fun or ignorant to open these applications when your cellphone is being borrowed by him.

If the application contains important data, especially work, for example, or of a personal nature, it would be very dangerous if it were known to people, especially if it was distributed.

But if you hide the important application earlier, other people will not be able to access it carelessly. Depending on the brand of Android you’re using, here are some easy ways to hide apps in just seconds:

hide apps on samsung

Samsung Brand Android

For those of you who may not know, there are several smartphone brands that are equipped with default features whose function is to hide applications, so you don’t have to bother downloading third-party applications.

Well, one of the smartphone brands that already have these advanced features is the latest types of Samsung. If your Samsung happens to be an old release, chances are this feature doesn’t exist yet. Here are four simple steps you need to follow if your Samsung already has this feature:

  • Tab and hold for a moment an empty space on your smartphone screen.
  • Tab the three-dot icon in the lower-right corner of the screen, then the Home Screen Settings options tab.
  • In the row of menus that appear, scroll down a bit to find the Hide Application sub menu.
  • Now a list of applications that you have installed on your smartphone will appear. Select which apps you want to hide with the app name tab. When you have finished selecting, tab

Huawei Smartphones

Huawei / Honor brand smartphones are also equipped with a hide application feature called Private Space.

As the name implies, this feature will make you a new free space that you can later fill with various applications, files, or any other data so that it is not easily seen by people even when you are borrowed.

The good news is, you can give the empty space a password, you know, it can be a pin or fingerprint, so it’s guaranteed to be safe. How to create and use this private space is as follows:

  • Open the Settings / Settings menu.
  • Select Security & Privacy / Security & Privacy.
  • Select Private Space and the smartphone screen will display some information that you need to follow next.
  • After the new space is created, add a pin or fingerprint as an unlock key, and select what apps you want to put in this space.

You can create one or more personal spaces depending on your needs. But for the record, the application that you hid earlier cannot be transferred / moved from one room to another, yes.

So if you want to move application A which was originally in room 1 to space 2, for example, you must first delete application A from space 1, then enter it manually into space 2.

Xiaomi Smartphones

Who is a Xiaomi Android lover? Some of the latest types are equipped with the hide application feature, you know. how to hide apps on Xiaomi is guaranteed to be super easy and doesn’t take long. Just do the following simple steps and a secret room will be created:

  • Open the Settings menu and select App Lock.
  • Click the image that looks like a cog wheel.
  • Click Hide Application by sliding the button next to it / until the button turns green.
  • Now click on Manage hidden apps, and check which apps you want to hide in the list of apps on the screen. You can use your fingerprint to secure this space so it’s not easy for people to open it.

If later you want to bring up this secret room, do a pinch gesture on your home screen and scan your fingerprint to unlock the room.

LG Brand Android

It only takes two simple steps to make some of your private/secret apps hidden from others view on LG smartphones.

  • Open Settings and scroll down a bit until you see the Appearance category, then select Home Screen.
  • If you want a faster way, you can tab and hold a blank screen on the homepage, then after several menus appear, select home screen settings.
  • After selecting one of the two methods above, now tab Hide Application and select one or more applications that you want to hide. Tab the Finish or Apply button when you have finished selecting.

nova launcher

Use Nova Launcher

Don’t be sad if by chance the Android you are using doesn’t yet or does not have the hide application feature, because there is an application called a launcher that one of the features is to hide applications.

The launcher itself has a lot of choices, and one of the most recommended is Nova Launcher. The appearance of this launcher is quite user friendly and intuitive. You can find Nova Launcher on the Google Play Store, and follow the steps below:

  • Make Nova Launcher the default launcher on your Android.
  • Open Nova Settings, select App drawer, and select Hide apps.
  • Now the screen will display a list of applications that are on your smartphone. Select one or more applications by ticking the small box on the right side of each application.

Try Apex Launcher

This launcher is free and you can download it from the Play Store, then use it to hide apps in the following way:

  • Go to your Android settings and run Apex Launcher.
  • Select Drawer settings in Apex Launcher and click Hidden apps.
  • Now enter any application that you want to hide into Hidden apps by tabbing the name of the application in the list. Click Save when you have.

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How to hide applications is really very easy, even if your Android is not equipped with this feature, you can use one of the hundreds of launchers on Google Play such as Nova and Apex earlier.

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