How to Overcome a Slow Hp

How to deal with a slow cellphone sometimes a little bit tricky, different from laptop/computer devices. No wonder some users, do root to modify the system on his cellphone. Even after clearing cache or some data, sometimes the cellphone is still slow. Even more extreme, some users also experience slow and hot cellphones.

Having a branded cellphone like Samsung, Xiaomi, Oppo, does not guarantee that you can be free from slow or slow problems. The reason is, sometimes the cause of a slow cellphone is caused by user error. So no matter how good the cellphone is, if you don’t pay attention to the device, the cellphone’s performance can decrease and cause the cellphone to be difficult to run.

Below, we have summarized several ways to overcome a slow cellphone that are practical, but effective in making your cellphone faster. Just read the article to the end.

overcoming slow phone

Causes of slow cellphones

Below are common things that are often a factor causing slow cellphones. Some cases are trivial, but it turns out that many users ignore it which over time can become a barrier to cellphone performance.

Full phone memory

The cause of this full cellphone memory is usually the most contributed from the application data sector. Whatsapp is one of the biggest data contributors, because every time you open media in a group or someone’s chat, you definitely don’t delete it immediately, so it will continue to reduce cellphone memory.

The solution is to regularly delete unnecessary media data from WhatsApp. Check in the gallery, open the Whatsapp album and select the media you want to delete.

Too many save apps

The next HP user error is installing a lot of applications. For example, battery saver applications, applications that speed up cellphone performance and others. Even though the application actually adds to the load on the cellphone memory. So just delete such applications, because the cellphone already has its own system to speed up its performance.

Application continues to operate

Sometimes some applications are automatically always on, even when not in use. This is usually for social media applications. You can easily recognize it from the incoming notification. This means that even if you don’t open the application, the application continues to run from behind and continues to use data and the internet network.

Rarely update the latest system

Smartphone devices such as Samsung, iPhone, Oppo, Vivo and other cellphone brands, have operating systems that are always updated by the company. The goal, so that the cellphone can get the best performance, so that the system on your cellphone will avoid errors / bugs which can cause the performance of the cellphone to be hampered and the cellphone to be slow.

The solution, please check for system updates on your cellphone. Click in the settings menu, then select the option about hp and view update alerts. Also make sure your internet is stable, because the cellphone system generally has a fairly large size and if it fails, it will be very risky for the cellphone to die completely.

Another slow cellphone problem, can be listened to in the next discussion.

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clear cache

How to Overcome a Slow Hp

Previously we have mentioned some common causes, why the cellphone becomes sluggish and often experiences errors. But if your cellphone is also experiencing heat, you should immediately take it to a hospital service center to check if there is a short circuit on your hp machine.

Next, we will discuss solutions for dealing with slow cellphones so that they can run smoothly again, starting with a simple method.

Clear cache

Clearing the cache can reduce junk files on the cellphone. Cache itself is data that is stored from activities on the cellphone, so that users can access applications that have been previously opened faster. However, this data makes the phone’s memory decrease, so it’s better to just delete it often.

In some cases, this method is enough to make the performance of the cellphone good again.

Eliminate automatic downloads in the Whatsapp application

It has been mentioned before, that the Whatsapp application is a large enough memory contributor on a smartphone. The reason, the user activates automatic media download. So every image that is sent will automatically be saved in the storage on the cellphone.

How to fix it,

  • open the whatsapp app
  • select settings
  • Go to the storage & data menu
  • automatic download media unchecklist
  • Finished

This way, the media will be saved when you have opened the media in WA.

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Delete rarely used apps

Some games and applications you may have rarely played. So it’s best to delete it temporarily, one day you can install it again. You don’t need to be afraid of losing rankings or data, because some games and applications require registration, so your account is automatically saved and can be restored at a later time.

How to see games and applications that are rarely used are:

  • Open the clear cache application on the cellphone
  • Select the application menu
  • After a list of applications appears on your cellphone, you can arrange the order by opening time
  • You can delete applications that have not been opened in a period of time, for example 1 month or more
  • Click uninstall
  • Finished

Another alternative is, you can just delete the application data. then the application will be like the first time it was downloaded, the file size is small. How to open settings, select the application menu, click an application> clear data.

Disable the live wallpaper feature

Live wallpapers, live themes / launchers or live screensavers are very interesting features on cellphones. The reason is that it will display images such as live or moving animations. Unfortunately this feature can also cause your cellphone to be slow. Because it will always move when the cellphone is turned on.

The fix is ​​to delete the live wallpaper or live screen saver, then use the default HP default theme. You can also use images / photos with high quality, so they will still be good when used as a cellphone background.

Disable features auto sync

Feature Auto Sync can connect all your devices in 1 account. For example, you use a cloud account for each brand of cellphone. The account turns out to be on another cellphone device, so when you have an internet connection, one of the accounts will update the new data.

From the previous activity, it will automatically use the cellphone memory, so don’t be surprised if the cellphone becomes slow because its performance is always divided.

Boost memory with External Memory

External memory can reduce the load on the main storage memory on the cellphone. So you can put large files, such as image files, videos, work files and other data in the external memory. That way the internal memory will focus on being used to store the system on the cellphone only.

Currently, there are many types of external memory available for smartphones at low prices. You can also choose the type of USB, or memory that has a USB type C connection that can be used directly on a computer device. So to move the memory from the cellphone to the computer it will be easier.

Back to factory settings

This step is the last way to overcome a slow cellphone, namely by returning it like a new cellphone. This method is also known as factory reset. Surely all the cellphones that are the first time you buy, the performance is still good and smooth to use.

You can apply this method on any cellphone, please open the settings menu, select the general management option and then select the reset option, wait a moment, your cellphone will restart automatically and will return to the way it was first purchased.

The final word

That’s all the reviews that shares with you all, hopefully it can be useful and good luck. Keep up to date with other information about technology here.

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