How to Scan Barcode

How to scan barcodes in this sophisticated era has become important. Because almost all areas of life use a barcode scan or QR code. Usually the QR code or barcode is only found on the product packaging on the back. But now barcodes are also used in a number of applications on Smartphones.

For this reason, how to scan barcodes must be understood well because one day it may be needed. In this review, has provided several methods that you can choose from. But before that you can listen to the functions and reasons why you should use this barcode.

Functions and Reasons for Using Barcodes

Barcode is an optical data that has a bar or line in it. Which will then be machine read. The various codes in the form of barcodes also have many functions and can be used for anything.

The main function of using this barcode is to store all information. Those that are still related to a product or item that has been labeled with a certain code. In general, this barcode will later store all information related to the item.

For example, information about the production code, expiration date, and identification number on a product. To be able to read, it takes a reading tool on the barcode. The goal is to find out what information is on the product packaging.

This tool is called a barcode scanner. This tool will be very helpful for every operator, when reading the information contained in the barcode. Without having to read the meaning of the lines one by one in the product.

The main thing offered by this barcode is the ease of use. It will be easier for you to input data if there is a barcode. The method will be faster than the manual method.

The use of this barcode can also make an information system in recording more accurate. Because this barcode is deliberately made with a high level of accuracy and precision.

Barcodes can also be a system to be efficient, especially in minimizing losses. In addition, there are also several ways to scan barcodes without an application, for example by using a link or from the default HP features.

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How to Scan Barcodes and QR Codes

This review itself we will try to share 4 ways. That way you can use the method that is considered the easiest. Here’s more.

Using Google Lens

The first way that can be done to scan barcodes is to use Google Lens. Which is one of the default features on Android phones. Its function is to scan barcodes or QR codes very easily and quickly.

This Google Lens feature is also found in Google Assistant which is also on Android. How to scan a code or barcode using Google Lens, with the following steps:

  • First of all, go to Google Assistant and then click the Home button.
  • After that, also click on the Google Lens feature.
  • Then point the camera at the required QR or barcode.
  • Click the circle icon again.
  • Later the barcode or QR code will be visible on the information there.

You can try scanning this barcode at home using an Android cellphone. Not only that, but you can also copy the text or go directly to the link. Which is obtained from the results of the barcode scan itself.

QR Code Reader

The next way to scan or scan barcodes via an Android phone is to use an application. Namely with the QR Code Reader application. This application can also be used to create your own barcode or QR code, in addition to scanning it.

How to scan a barcode on a cellphone using the QR Code Reader application is by following these steps:

  • The first step is to install the application first.
  • After that open the application.
  • Point the camera at the barcode you want to scan.
  • Later you will see the scan results either from the QR code or from the barcode.

From this application, you can also make your own QR and barcode scans. And can also view the history of scans that have been done. Scan QR and barcodes can also be taken from images in the HP gallery.

QR & Barcode Scanner

Applications on Android phones that are currently known and used by many people to scan barcodes are QR & Barcode Scanners. More than 100 million users in the world use the QR & Barcode Scanner application. How to scan a barcode using this application is with the following steps:

  • Download and install the application first on the Play Store.
  • Then open the app.
  • Point the camera at the barcode you want to scan on the scan menu.
  • The application will scan directly.
  • Even QR codes and barcodes will be detected in a short time.

The application called QR & Barcode Scanner is fairly light with a size that is not too large. However, there are many things that the application can do. And can scan text barcodes, contacts, emails, coupons/vouchers, links, and much more.

Scan Barcode Without Camera

The next way that can be done in scanning barcodes is, there is no need to use a camera. The procedure is carried out in the steps below:

  • Go to Browse first.
  • Then go to the web
  • Click Upload File and then select the barcode image you want to scan.
  • Click Start.
  • Wait a moment until the process is complete.
  • The last stage you will enter the scan results.

Not only through the gallery, but you can also take a barcode to be scanned with a link, like the method above. This method is also as easy, just enter the link on the barcode image and click Start to start scanning.

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How to Create a Barcode with an App or Web

For friends who want to make their own barcodes, now there are various options that you can use, which are as follows.

Barcode Graphics

This type of barcode can turn a text into a code. In addition, you can also set the size of the barcode. And can use special ink in making barcodes, to avoid certain printouts. To make the barcode, you can go to the following link However, the website address can only be used for making barcodes.

Barcode Generator

Not only create barcodes directly. But you can also understand the various types of barcodes commonly used by companies or agencies. For example, there are special barcodes used for pharmaceutical products or whatever.

QR Code Generator

If you need a website that specializes in making simple but also multifunctional QR, then just use the QR Code Generator. These tools will help create and also scan barcodes properly. You can also create QR codes or barcodes from contacts, phone numbers, URLs, and so on.

QR Code Reader

This application can be used to convert numbers or text into a code. Not only that, but the application can also be used to read code.

There are many ways to scan barcodes that you can use, for any need. Choose whichever method is easiest and fastest. If necessary, first download the required application so that the process becomes faster. Especially if there is no default application that has been previously installed.

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