How to Make Money on Video Snacks

How to Make Money on Video Snacks– Currently there are many ways to be able to earn an income at home, one of the ways you need to try is through social media. As there are many types of social media platforms that show short videos such as the Tiktok application, which is currently very … Read more

Build Sick Zilong

Build Zilong Tersakit-Who doesn’t know the Mobile Legends game, the moba game, which is very popular among teenagers, is very trendy in Indonesia, there is a lot of fun playing ML, besides that there are lots of heroes that you can play, one of which we will discuss is the Zilong hero. what is a … Read more

Edit Photos Into Cartoons Online

Cartoons are one of the most popular types of shows. No wonder there are people who want to change their appearance to be like a cartoon. This is usually done on the photos they have. If you are one of them, maybe how to edit photos into cartoons online here can be very helpful. Actually, … Read more

Contoh Daftar Riwayat Hidup

Daftar riwayat hidup, atau yang dikenal dengan CV menunjukkan data pribadi seseorang dan biasanya digunakan untuk melamar kerja. Dalam CV biasanya tertulis beberapa informasi penting, seperti data diri, pendidikan, pengalaman magang, organisasi, hingga keterampilan. Bagi yang belum berpengalaman, mungkin membuat CV tidaklah mudah. Di ulasan ini, ada contoh daftar riwayat hidup sebagai referensimu untuk membuat … Read more

How to View Your Own Email Address

Forgetting is one thing that humans often experience. Including forgetting your own email address. When you forget your email address, of course, many activities are hampered. For those of you who are forgetful, maybe how to see your own email address written below can help you a little. Like it or not, you must listen … Read more

How to Merge Photos

How to Merge Photos-The activity of taking pictures to capture the moment is almost a must. Only with photos, these memories can be neatly stored. Sometimes, there is a slight desire to combine all the photos into one. However, because they did not understand how to combine photos, this intention was not carried out. In … Read more

How to Create a New Email

How to Create a New Email-Don’t understand how to create email, it might be enough to hinder a lot of people at work. The reason is, almost all activities carried out, whether it’s school or work, must use email. Therefore, you must know how to create an email so that your activities can run smoothly. … Read more

How to Cancel an Order on Shopee

How to Cancel an Order on Shopee-Maybe most of you who often shop online have bought the wrong item at shopee and want to cancel it but don’t know how? Actually this method is very easy for you to do and only requires a few steps. For that you can listen to how to cancel … Read more

How to share screen on zoom

How to share screen on zoom-With the problem of the covid-19 virus outbreak throughout the world including Indonesia, all school activities and other office workers must go through video conference which is one of the new trends at this time and has been widely used by many people. Of course, the existence of a digital … Read more

Tips for Adding Likes on Tiktok

Tips for Adding Likes on Tiktok-The Tiktok application is one of the most popular applications today, this platform has been known by all people in the world. Tiktok allows users to share or create 15-second videos. Various challenges were held to spread positive things and increase the creativity of the creators. When creators are able … Read more